ROM ResurrectionRemix 5.8.4 Unofficial Android 7.1.2 mới nhất cho Asus Zenfone 5

ROM ResurrectionRemix 5.8.4 Unofficial Android 7.1.2 mới nhất cho Asus Zenfone 5

nguyenhung9x 10/1/17 352
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    [QUOTE = "nguyenhung9x, posted: 26 510, member: 6187"] Rom Rom Resurerction Remix is built from the source code as Lineage OS, SLIM, ..... With the combination of pure rom google The Resurrection Remix is a user-centered rom, and with the familiar name RR will bring you the unforgettable experience for you using zenfone 5 and zenfone 6.


    Resurrection Remix Nougat Version 5.8.3 Changelog
    ▪ project frameworks / base /
    ▪ 43d8599 Improve Hw keys Tile
    ▪ 451889a QuickStatusbarHeader: Fix issues with No weather image being seen all the time
    ▪ 9813653 Add vpn and data saver to statusbar icon blacklist * fixed vpn toggle it is now instant
    ▪ d6ed58e Make Data / Wifi activity icon in statusbar [1/2]
    ▪ 1eb99d9 Data activity icon in statusbar
    ▪ 802a93f SystemUI: Add tile for enable / disable HW keys
    ▪ 755b7b2 fix wrong algorithm in WifiPowerPerPacket ()
    ▪ 4f39fad FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: android.ui
    ▪ 70a9450 Ticker: Set default color to White [1/2]
    ▪ project packages / apps / dialer /
    A5b497f Dialpad: option to show dialpad automatically (# 1)
    ▪ project packages / apps / Settings /
    E2bb742 Fix 7.1.2 mismerge
    ▪ b6aa3ee Option to disable data & wifi indicators
    ▪ cf61891 Add HWkeys Settings as an activity
    ▪ 08a6aa1 Ticker: Set default colors to white [2/2]
    ▪ project system / extras /
    ▪ 196ed2f verity: Include libcrypto_utils_static
    252fe23 Revert "Revert" Switch to BoringSSL for crypto. ""
    ▪ 442b784 Revert "Switch to BoringSSL for crypto."
    * Fix import contact from sim
    Changelog 02/04/2017
    - Remove magisk
    - Sync Source
    Changelog 31/3/2017
    - More selinux
    Performance tweaks
    - Better battery
    - Fix Some App Force Closures
    - Frees More RAM
    - Decrease Boot Time
    - Bass audio props for Lolipop
    - Use VibratorHW from device xiaomi cancro
    - Updated security patch 05/03/2017
    - OTA support
    - See also changelog [URL = 'https: //'] here [/ URL] [/ CODE]
    - FM does not support
    *** Hidden content can not be quoted. ***
    How to rom rom:
    B1: Download rom and gapps + root addon su and copy to memory card
    B2: Go to twrp and select wipe-advaced wipe
    B3: choose install - flash rom + gapps + root addon su
    B4: reboot and experience
    How to update via OTA: (note must be in 31/3/2017 to use OTA dc)
    Installation - Custom RR - Other - OTA - check update - rom download
    Note: The first boot up may take more than 15 minutes, you guys have access to the directory in sd, the following fix: Twrp - advanced - filemanager - delete .android-secures go after Reboot 
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thanks to device: zenfone-legacy Make rom: nguyenhung9x:) Status rom: Stable XDAVN shop system sponsors equipment If you use your rom is stable and good then donate so that you can have funds to upgrade the build as well as long-term operation in the future. Donate form: 1- Through Paypal: 2- Phone scratch card: you use scratch card if you don please contact me 3- Through the bank account VietinBank, speed 1 - Ho Chi Minh City: 107003743650 (compared to the drill) 4- Contact info orb to donate: Nguyenhung9x
    [MEDIA = youtube] TYW7x4CPB-8 [/ MEDIA]​
    HelloBrown-11[/ QUOTE] Tq
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