ROM MIUI 8 Cho Sky A900 nền tảng Android 6.0.1 By XDAVN

ROM MIUI 8 Cho Sky A900 nền tảng Android 6.0.1 By XDAVN

LinhPhi 25/11/16 981
  1. Ly Vinh

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    Ly Vinh
    Giờ này khg biết đâu là rom ngon cho A900
  2. NekkoTanaka

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  3. Ducky

    Ducky Thành Viên Dự Bị

    cam on ban
  4. NekkoTanaka2142

    NekkoTanaka2142 Thành Viên Dự Bị

    Có xài dc cho IM-900L ko dạ ???
  5. sikharin saralum

    sikharin saralum Thành Viên Dự Bị

    sikharin saralum
    [QUOTE = "LinhPhi, post: 21484, member: 12"] Hello everyone, Today I will publish the MIUI 8 rom for Sky A900 on the new Android 6.0.1 platform. I will update until stable for the devotee community SKY A900. If you want to buy Sky A900, you can see very good prices at XDAVN here. I will charge 100k for all XDAVN members .
    View attachment 5803

    Information of MIUI 8 rom for A900:

    • MIUI 8 Rom version developed on the latest Android 6.0.1
      MIUI 8 patchrom platform:
      MIUI 8 functions: works out without errors.
      Basic operation features: Operation is almost stable.
      Features not yet active: Fingerprint is not active .
      Cao Thai Duong (kaotd)
      Linh Phi

      The full Rom version of Gapps and Vietnamese typing you just need to install and use.

    Update information:

    • 08/01/2017: Version early
      10/01/2017: Fix sensor + init.d optimization
    ***Hidden content cannot be quoted.***

    Instructions for installing MIUI 8 rom for A900

    Experience videos and instructions for fixing 3G errors
    View attachment 6762 View attachment 6763 View attachment 6764 View attachment 6765 View attachment 6766 View attachment 6767 View attachment 6768 View attachment 6769 View attachment 6770 View attachment 6771 View attachment 6773 View attachment 6772 [/QUOTE]
    good job
  6. trunghieu153

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  7. Phantu02

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  8. Phantu02

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  9. khanhkutun

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  10. Anhtuan85

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    Thanks Bạn đã chia sẻ
  11. taan nguyen

    taan nguyen Thành Viên Dự Bị

    taan nguyen
    up up
  12. quyethp1

    quyethp1 Thành Viên Dự Bị

    Ko dùng 3g để tải app đc
  13. gradd

    gradd Thành Viên Chính Thức

    i hope this doesn't have multi touch issue. my a900 came from lineage os 14.1 now it's back to stock rom
  14. Araiz Khan

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  15. Ikki Kurogane

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    Ikki Kurogane
  16. asdasdasdada

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  17. nguyen ngoc bong

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    nguyen ngoc bong
  18. nguyen ngoc bong

    nguyen ngoc bong Thành Viên Dự Bị

  19. blockgsm

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  20. Pham Vu Hoang

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  21. Kana1211

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  22. DaiAcMa

    DaiAcMa Thành Viên Dự Bị

    Thanks so much tất cả anh em trong Team Modder vì đã share

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