ROM LENOVO K3 NOTE Stock Rooted Updated

xdavn 8/4/16 0
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    ROM LENOVO K3 NOTE Stock Rooted

    1. Optimization of power consumption, improve phone standby capacity.
    2. A lot of useless software and resources to streamline official.
    3. Open ROOT permissions, authorization to use SuperSU.
    4. Add busybox instruction set, advanced users may need.
    5. New Dolby sound, you can use the boot.
    6. The status bar ON OFF Dolby sound support.
    7. Optimization framework to enhance fluency, rapid and smooth
    8. Optimize network performance optimization global touch response.
    9. Improve the smooth sliding effect, touch sensitivity.
    Install Instructions:
    1. Boot into recovery mode TWRP Recommended.
    2. Now select wipe – Advance wipe, dalvik cache, system , cache , data.
    3. Select install & select downloaded zip file.
    4. Install success & reboot.


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