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    Attention!It is forbidden to upload the firmware on other sites without my permission! If you want to put it on another site, write to me about it, or lay preserving all my initial links!

    Please, write all comments on my site. because here i dont reads and dont write direct links in comments, this is the only one way to make money from my ROM… Donations no work for my country, only WebMoney. Thanks!

    Languages: MultiLanguage, 40+ languages
    • Based entirely on official firmware v7 for MIUI Xiaomi Redmi Note 2;
    • Deodex firmware;
    • Removed the online page with the video in the video player
    • Removed the check package signatures
    • The Chinese have removed and replaced the main page in MIUI browser
    • Added Russian language, the translation is approximately 98-99%. Added more languages(25), use my own private repository;
    • Added swipe to the dialer from the lock screen;
    • Added Root rights;
    • Added T9 search in the dialer for the Russian language;
    • Added application access to SD card (removed by default);
    • Added a minimal set of google services (Google Play, sync. contacts);
    • Added ad blocker in Settings – Advanced;
    • Added proxy settings in the settings "developer";
    • Added additional battery information in the battery settings;
    • Changed Settings – Advanced (removed the spaces and added icons);
    • Fixed themes are downloaded and used paid themes;
    • Replaced the radio. FM Radio without kitayschiny and works;
    • Added settings access point (APN) for almost all operators (Its base settings);
    • Removed all the trash and chinese;

    How to install

    1. Download the. Zip file and dump the firmware to the memory card.
    2. Loaded in Recovery
    3. Making wipes:
    1) Wipe Cache
    2) Wipe Dalvik Cache
    3) Wipe Factory Reset
    4. Select Install / Instal zip from SD
    5. Choose. Zip firmware file and wait for the end of the process.
    6. Boot the system is ready.

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