ROM Rom Note 8 Full Port Cho Galaxy S7 & S7e By TranPhong

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    Giới thiệu tới anh em bản rom Note 8 Full Port Cho Galaxy S7 & S7e bới bác TranPhong bên samsungvn mang tất cả chức năng trên Note8 xuống S7/S7e thật là tuyệt vời. Chân thành cảm ơn

    Device supported
    Galaxy S7: SM-G930S L K F FD
    Galaxy S7e: SM-G935S L K F FD

    Rom Infomation:
    * Android 7.1.1 Nougat
    * Base on Galaxy Note8
    * Support Multiple languages
    * Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed

    Rom Features:
    * Dual messenger: Hacked all app support
    * Ported private mode
    * Enable all mode camera
    * Enabled available SystemUI toogle
    * Enable backup restore message
    * Enable outdoor mode
    * Enable manage app data
    * Enable multi user
    * Enable real-time network speed
    * Enable shutter sound camera
    * Enable Indentyfi unsaved numbers
    * Enable app lock
    * Enable floating message
    * Enable USB debug by default
    * Mod 5way reboot
    * Disable signature code
    * Removed knox
    * Faster boot animation
    * Folder view for messages
    * Disabled sms to mms conversion
    And more...

    Hidden Content:
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    Hướng dẫn :
    - Flash Rom bằng TWRP
    + Wipe system
    + Wipe data
    + Wipe cache
    + Wipe dalvik cache
    => Flash Rom => Reboot. Done

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    canhbmt1987 thích bài này.
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    Anh Thịnh
    roort cài recovery cho bản 7.0 chỗ nào vậy bác
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    Bản này hỗ trợ lên 2 sim k bác? Thanks bác.
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    [Quote = "Xuanhoa, geplaatst: 49 811, Leden: 16 939"] Inleiding tot de Broers rom Toelichting 8 Volledige Port Voor Galaxy S7 & S7e verraad tranphong Binnen op samsungvn Brengen Note8 Beneden alle FUNCTIES S7 / S7e is Geweldig fantastisch. Bedankt

    [Attach = Volledig] 9520 [/ attach]
    Apparaatondersteuning d
    Galaxy S7: SM-G930S LKF FD
    Galaxy S7e: SM-G935S LKF FD

    Rom Infomation:
    * Android 7.1.1 Leg
    * Base op Galaxy Note8
    * Ondersteuning voor meerdere talen
    * Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed

    -Rom Kenmerken:
    * Dual messenger: hackte alle app-ondersteuning
    * Geporteerde privé-modus
    * Schakel alle cameramodi in
    * Beschikbare SystemUI-functie ingeschakeld
    * Bericht voor back-upherstel in
    * Schakel de buitenmodus in
    * Schakel app-gegevens beheren in
    * Meerdere gebruikers inschakelen
    * Schakel real-time netwerksnelheid in
    * Schakel de camera-sluiter in
    * Niet-opgeslagen nummer inschakelen
    * App-vergrendeling inschakelen
    * Zwevend bericht inschakelen
    * Schakel USB-debugger standaard in
    * Mod 5way reboot
    * Schakel handtekeningcode uit
    * Verwijderd knox
    * Snellere bootanimatie
    * Mapweergave voor berichten
    * Uitgeschakeld sms naar mms conversie
    En meer ...

    *** Inhoud kan niet worden geciteerd.

    - Flash Rom door TWRP
    + Systeem wissen
    + Gegevens wissen
    + Cache wissen
    + Wis dalvik cache
    = Flash Rom => Reboot. Klaar [/ QUOTE]
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    Lijkt mij een prachtige rom ,zeker even uitproberen
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    di pi
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    Tks kiu bác
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    hoang minh chau
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    Cool !
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    ok, bản này 2 sim hay 1 sim vậy ad
    leovansang thích bài này.
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